We use Google Analytics on this website to collect anonymized and aggregated usage data. This data is submitted to Google not directly to us. It is compiled to statistical reports on activity on this website which are then accessible by us. These reports do not include any personally identifiable information. We may choose to share some these reports with some of our partners. We or our partners do not have access to any raw data collected by Google Analytics.

We use this data to improve the usability of our website, improve the relevancy of the content on our website and measure effectiveness of our marketing.

The data we collect is not used for directed advertising.


We use cookies on this site to improve your user experience. Our user statistics provider Google Analytics uses cookies as part of the usage data collection process. Cookies are small text files placed on your device by the website. On this website cookies are necessary to follow users from one page to another and identify returning visitors, without collecting personally identifiable information.


All IP-addresses collected by Google Analytics on this website are masked. This means that part of the IP-address is removed before it is stored or used to generate user statistics, making it impossible to identify you by your IP-address.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a commonly used tool used on many websites to create statistical data about how users interact with these websites.

More detailed information on Google Analytics, information it collects and cookies used in the process can be found in the links below.

Browser add-on enabling you to opt-out from Google Analytics is available in the link below.


We are an emerging Finnish furniture platform manufacturer specialized in making spaces more functional.


We are group of creative minds passionate about ideating, building and tinkering. With our in-house design talent, wide networks and access to state of the art manufacturing, we do pretty amazing things.


We believe that the world isn’t quite ready yet. We want to re-invent the ways we interact with our surroundings.


Our process combines solid customer understanding, creative harnessing of intuition and goal-oriented prototyping practices. Coolsome Ltd?



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