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HiddenView is a TV-cabinet that offers
a multitude of possibilities to make it your own


Key features

  • HiddenView's exchangeable cover panels allows HiddenView to adapt to changing environments. Panels are easily changed by the user in just a few minutes.
  • HiddenView's unique frame solution hides all the mechanical components behind the television, giving it elegant, minimalistic and airy appearance.
  • HiddenView Platform allows furniture manufacturers to easily create HiddenView based products harmonious with their own product ranges.
  • HiddenView Platform makes it easy to create unique one-off designs to suit the most discerning and refined of tastes.


We are an emerging Finnish furniture platform manufacturer specialized in making spaces more functional.


We are group of creative minds passionate about ideating, building and tinkering. With our in-house design talent, wide networks and access to state of the art manufacturing, we do pretty amazing things.


We believe that the world isn’t quite ready yet. We want to re-invent the ways we interact with our surroundings.


Our process combines solid customer understanding, creative harnessing of intuition and goal-oriented prototyping practices.

...is Coolsome Ltd?



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