Flipmode is a flippable panel that integrates
a whiteboard and a decorative acoustic board


Key features

  • Flipmode has an extremely easy-to-use mechanism that allows you to flip from whiteboard to acoustic board and back in an instant.
  • Flipmode can be used as a single unit, or as an eye-catching panoramic centerpiece consisting of multiple units.
  • The printer-friendly acoustic boards make it possible for you to customize them as you want; just send us and image file and we’ll print it on.
  • Flipmode is an excellent choice especially for work environments and offices that do planning, creative work, and team-based projects.

Where to use Flipmode


Offices, studies



Flipmode can turn your office from brainstorm mode into a clean and calm environment apt for individual work.

Cafeterias, lounges, kitchens



Teamwork tools can always be present for your spontaneous coffee-boosted creativity.

Conference rooms



Keep your conference rooms tidy and your important whiteboard notes safe by hiding them with a simple flip.




Provide a layer or privacy by hiding away sensitive patient information when it's not needed, while keeping it easily accessible for the times it is.

What makes Flipmode special


It hides your whiteboards


What's the benefit?

Flipmode makes your spaces more pleasant and safe, as whiteboards and the valuable ideas on them can be hidden if needed.


How is this achieved?

  • Whiteboard markings may contain important and sensitive information that can be hidden for safety reasons with a single easy flip.
  • As the whiteboards can be hidden, they can be placed also into spaces they usually don’t fit into, such as cafeterias, kitchens and lounges.

It changes the function of spaces


What's the benefit?

Work can be carried out more flexibly as Flipmode changes your spaces according to need, this makes your spaces more efficient.


How is this achieved?

  • As said, the hideable whiteboards can be placed practically anywhere, which makes it possible for them to be always present if needed.
  • Now work is less dependent on space, e.g. ideation can be carried out where it comes most naturally and spontaneously: during a coffee at the cafeteria.

It can be given a unique look


What's the benefit?

Flipmode’s acoustic boards can be given any look you want, and thus made to match your interior and communicate your brand.


How is this achieved?

  • The acoustic boards are made of material that is suitable for high-quality prints, which allows an image of your liking to be printed onto them.
  • The printing process is very simple, we just need an image file from you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Easy and smooth to use
so you concentrate on what matters




Pull the handle



Flip the panel



Close the panel



Create and collaborate

Some of our references




Sofigate Oy/Ltd



Eversheds Sutherland



City of Espoo, Mayor's Office



City of Espoo, Corporate Group Administration



Comptel Oyj/Plc



Purso Oy/Ltd



NMC Cellfoam Oy/Ltd



Aalto Capital Oy/Ltd

Where to buy Flipmode


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Frame Material:
Powder Coated Steel
Frame Color:
Metallic Gray
Quantities 100+, any RAL color
Steel with special paint coating
Suitable for most whiteboard markers and magnets
35 kg
77 lbs.
Suitable for all common wall materials
Panels can be installed side by side
Panels can be installed next to a corner or a door
Detachable flip chart holders are included in the delivery
Other accessories available as part of Flipmode Project range of products


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