Cmykie is an acoustic panel
with supreme quality surface
specifically designed for printing


Key features

  • Cmykie, unlike its competitors in its price bracket, is specifically designed for UV-printing, giving images great clarity and color reproduction.
  • Cmykie acoustic panels are dust and lint free and do not release particles or fibers to the air or in the printers.
  • Cmykie acoustic panels are light weight and highly durable. Laminated structure and soft surface of the Cmykie panels make them highly imapct resistant.
  • Cmykie acoustic panels are highly resistant to yellowing and fading due to UV protected print surface and UV printing being naturally UV resistant.

Cmykie Loves Music

Cmykie loves all music equally, which is something that can’t be said about most music listening partners. Cmykie’s favorite DJ is you. Cmykie will never complain about your selection of material or volume. Cmykie is happy to decorate your listening room with photos of your favorite band or album covers or whatever you may come up with. Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing Cmykie doesn’t sing on top of your favorite tracks.

Cmykie will just sit quietly in the sidelines improving your musical experience.


Cmykie Likes Meetings

Cmykie actually really likes sitting in on meetings. Cmykie is never late, nor leave early. Cmykie will not interrupt, play with a cell phone or make inappropriate comments. Cmykie is not very good at taking notes though so you might want to find someone else for that. Cmykie’s a silent type in fact there’s no record anywhere of Cmykie ever saying anything.

Still just by being there Cmykie can improve the atmosphere of your meetings.


Cmykie Loves Graphic Design

A fantastic art piece or a boring graph, something thrown together in MS Paint or a result of a combination of mad Photoshop skills and inordinate amount of time and tinkering, it’s just the same for Cmykie. Cmykie will showcase your work tirelessly and proudly because Cmykie loves all graphic design. Cmykie is slightly uncomfortable with RGB though. It’s not only graphic design either, Cmykie will be more than happy to wear a painting or a drawing.

CMYKIE is not bothered by commercialism either and will proudly display your corporate messages.


Cmykie Loves Photography

So you’re not Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson or Annie Liebowitz, Cmykie doesn’t care. Cmykie will display your work with equal pride and enthusiasm. Black and white, color, film, digital, large format or shot with iPhone, Cmykie loves all photography. The best camera is the one you have with you and in Cmykie’s mind the best photograph is the one Cmykie is wearing.

Cmykie’s very proud of the hard work Cmykie’s put in to learn how to present your photos in the most favorable light.


Cmykie Loves Movies

Cmykie’s favorite movies are every movie ever made. Cmykie is the ideal movie night partner. Cmykie will not talk during movies, point out plot holes no matter how obvious, take phone calls, rustle candy papers, kick the back of your seat, comment on the quality of special effects or do anything else rage inspiring during movies. Cmykie loves dressing up in movie posters.

Cmykie will just watch the movie quietly with you improving your cinematic experience.


Cmykie Hates Noise

A. Whitney Brown famously said, “I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.”

The same goes for Cmykie and noise. The only thing Cmykie hates is noise. Cmykie despises it, which is why Cmykie eats noise for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, noise is the only sustenance Cmykie will ever need.




Sound absorption coefficient


Sound absorption class - ISO 11654: C



1000 x 700 x 38 mm
1,5 kg



1500 x 1000 x 38 mm
3 kg



Sound absorption coefficient


Sound absorption class - ISO 11654: A



1000 x 700 x 53 mm
2 kg



1500 x 1000 x 53 mm
4 kg