Flipmode panel is an innovative ABW solution. Double sided wall mounted panel features a whiteboard and an aesthetic acoustic panel. Flipmode allows you to create a true multi purpose space.

Flipmode allows the space to be used both as an elegant meeting room and as an efficient workshop space and transformed between them with a flick of a wrist.



HiddenView is a unique TV furniture. HiddenView features a frame structure that is completely hidden behind the television leaving only the TV and the cover panels visible.

HiddenView also features a unique cover panel mounting system that allows the panels to be exchanged easily, so HiddenView adapts to changing environments.



CMYKIE acoustic panels are a new innovative solution to printable acoustic elements. Open cell foam panel is covered with highest quality UV-printable fabric, making CMYKIE acoustic panels extremely durable and easy to maintain as well as dust and lint free.

CMYKIE panels are available in different sizes and thicknesses, with or without bespoke anodized aluminium frame.

enabled by Coolsome

enabled by coolsome

Coolsome provides our innovative and unique furniture technologies to furniture industry as platforms. Both Flipmode and HiddenView are available as part of our partnership program.

Furniture manufacturers can take the benefit of our extensive product development, while focusing on their core business, utilizing the straight forward design process our ready-made platforms enable.